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I have came across a teen woohooer and pregnancy mod for teens. Here is some more Info from the site. his mod is intended to be run on any patch-level noted in the "EA-Patch Compatibility" thread, pinned at the top of this forum. My Sims 3 Challenges Fun My Sims 3 Challenges! Hey everyone! Sorry for not posting in a while, but here’s chapter 3! (Please note: These pics were taken a while ago, so I might not remember all the names or why I took some pictures. What are the best The Sims 3 mods? - Quora

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Should I buy The Sims 3 right now during the sale? ... my money at until it happens $3.99 is a great price and the game is still a boat load of fun. 15 Things You Had NO Idea You Could Do In The Sims | TheGamer Mar 4, 2017 ... While a good chunk of fun in The Sims comes from what the player is ... Yeah, but where's the fun in that? .... 3 You Can Become A Super Villain.

Hunger, Social, Bladder, Hygiene, Energy, and Fun Needs. Gardening Sims with the Green Thumb trait can rapidly fulfill this motive by talking to a plant. There's no mood boost for having this full, but you won't need to talk to anyone for a while. When it gets low, Sims start to suffer a low mood.

Fun Things to do in The Sims 3 | Jaz Says Dec 30, 2012 · EDIT: June 19, 2015. Since this post is so weirdly and ridiculously more popular than all my other posts on this blog, I thought I'd give it a bit of an edit and a makeover. So, there are some new things to do with your game, and I've generally cleaned up the writing to make… My Sims 3 Challenges Fun

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My Sims 3 Challenges Fun

The Sims 3 is better than The Sims 2 because The Sims 2 does not show your neighbors Houses but The Sims 3 does and the graphics are way better and more from the philippines here it came out in June 2 2009 buy it! You will like it discover more stuff! Enjoy! Its Fun!

1000 Fun Things to Do In Sims 3 - The Sims 3 Forum Aug 04, 2009 · re: 1000 Fun Things to Do In Sims 3 12.Put a fat sim and a health freek sim in the same house with lots of toys.Enable free will and see what happens! Smileygirl Sims 3 family ideas - The Sims 3 - Fanpop Oct 19, 2009 · The Sims 3 101 replies. Theres really no story behind this family but its kinda fun! make a family of 8 people. they are all married to whoever you chose make 2 people from that family ur main people cause ur gonna kill everyone else. Getthem a home that u want and then kill everyone else that u … Top 10 Must-Do Things on The Sims 3 | LevelSkip